How To Stop Negative Thoughts From Defeating You

How To Stop Negative Thoughts And Self Doubt

“If we can plant seeds in him, that is the road to victory. Or, self-doubt and negative talk, and that is the road to failure.” – Chael Sonnen, a high level UFC fighter and coach of the Ultimate Fighter 17, talks about his personal experiences of dealing with failures, and how he was able to overcome them.

The truth is, negativity will always be around, in one form or another. And knowing how to stop negative thoughts from entering your head is nearly impossible, but knowing what to do afterwards will always be within our control. We dictate the amount of weight we put into each and every thought. And for one reason or another, negative thoughts seems to be the cloud that weighs more than it should, the water that acts half full when it’s really half empty. In other words, we give it a greater importance than it shall ever deserve. We listen to our negativity more than our own positive thinking.

See, the issue is not in having a problem to face, but in creating the illusion that the problem is bigger than ourselves. Doing so makes our job a lot messier, but you can still overcome your problems as long as you’re willing to rise to the occasion. And when that problem is finally resolved, the clouds will disappear and you will be rewarded with the light of hope once again.

The next time you encounter that negative voice in your head, recall what I am about to say… There is no problem that is too big for you to handle.. And knowing that one, single fact will help you make all the smart decisions in your life.


How To Stop Negative Thoughts & Self Doubt By Chael Sonnen


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