Entrepreneurial Success Advice From Billionaires

Advice From Billionaires - Motivational Video

Small men want to make you feel small, but great men will teach you that you can be great as well. Here is an amazing inspirational and motivational video to nurture your entrepreneurial brains! Advice from billionaires should not go unheard, especially if you have any hopes and dreams of one day living the life you desire. Down below I summary the main ideas of this 9 minute long video for those that do not wish to listen to the full audio clip . . . but I would highly recommend you do.


Life Advice From Billionaires


Key Points In Advice From Billionaires

1 | Develop the habits of success.


2 | Do the things that others don’t want to do.


3 | Seek and desire change when opportunity presents itself.


4 | Go big or go home. Reach for the stars.


5 | Don’t hide who you are as a person.


6 | Work day and night. Work hard. Never stop.


7 | Do something that brings happiness to others.


8 | Everyone has the opportunity to succeed.


9 | You have the power to impact other people’s lives.


10 | Create something that has potentially no limitations.


11 | The bigger the challenge to get in, the bigger the opportunity within it.


12 | Find an investor if you lack the resources.


13 | Be more knowledgeable than everyone else out there.


14 | Live up to your full potential.


15 | Don’t listen to the naysayers.


16 | Failure is not the end of the road but only the beginning.


17 | Build a great product and the customers will come.


18 | Build a product that’s better than any others out there.


19 | Just do things in life the way other people don’t do them.


20 | Take action now!


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