Being Mentally Tough – Fighting For Your Dream

Being Mentally Tough - Motivational Video

UFC Interim Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao tells us the importance of being mentally tough. There is simply no way around having to compete against the odds and the naysayers. The journey will always be difficult but your faith and mental toughness will be the deciding factors over whether or not you’ll walk away victorious or quit prematurely. Being mentally tough is a trait you can posses through hard work and determination. Find ways to gain your mental toughness so that others will quit where you still stand.


Being Mentally Tough – Fight For Your Dreams


Key Points In Being Mentally Tough

Find what strengthens and supports you

Strength And SupportA good support system is vital in times of distress and demotivation. Seek your motivation and inspiration, whether through family or friends, and use that energy to never give up hope. Sure, you can do it alone but why reject help when help is available?


Trust you can and you will

Trust In YourselfIt matters not what others believe but what you believe. Renan Barao could have listened to his friends when told that MMA had no future. Renan Barao could have listened to the negative demons in his head when told he would never make it. But instead, Barao believed in himself and knew that he could accomplish anything so long as he put in the blood, sweat, and tears. Trust in yourself.


Be determined to the very end

Be DeterminedOften times people quit right before a miracle was about to happen. They quit before the last corner and end up never realizing how close they were to the finish line. Renan Barao believed in himself and knew that as long as he took the right steps in the right direction, he would eventually arrive at his destination.


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