Dropouts Vs Graduates (Infographic)

Dropouts Vs Graduates

If you are one of many who do not believe in our school’s education system or have decided not to graduate from college or even high school, fear not, the road has only just begun. Do not believe in the propaganda spread by the media that without a degree you will not be as successful as someone who earned a degree.

On average that may be the case, but you aren’t an average human being are you? You know you are different from the majority and that you wish to be more than a simple mindless drone or corporate slave working a 9 to 5 job. That is not to say that all graduates will be a mindless drone or corporate slave, but statistics say that the majority will end up working for someone else. It’s okay to have an idol you look up to but do not get the impression that you are vastly different from them, you’re not. If they can do it, you can achieve it as well.

Whether you have a degree or not, you are still on the path to success, that is a proven fact. But it is when you give up on success that you will never achieve anything, whether you have a degree or not. So without further ado, here are dropouts vs graduates.


Dropouts Vs Graduates – What Are The Statistics?

Graduates Vs DropoutsThis “Dropouts Vs Graduates” infographic shows something very neat. Almost everyone who dropped out had a clear vision in mind before calling it quits. It is important to know what you want to do before you think about giving up on school.

“Drop out of school before your mind rots from exposure to our mediocre educational system. Forget about the Senior Prom and go to the library and educate yourself if you’ve got any guts. Some of you like Pep rallies and plastic robots who tell you what to read.”
Frank Zappa


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