The Best Running Inspiration

The Best Running Inspiration - Inspirational Video

Sometimes the best kind of inspiration you need is the one that digs deep inside of you to pull out that true potential that lies dormant within you. This is by far one of the best running inspiration videos I’ve seen and I’ve watched quite a bit of them. Coupled with excellent transitions, breathtaking scenery, slick camera work, good voice narrative, and anĀ engrossing instrumental, this short video can easily be considered a masterpiece.

The person who made this video his name is Shay Carl, a famous YouTuber. He created this video not too long ago after losing over 100lbs himself. He is a true inspiration to anyone looking to lose weight and I would recommend you check out his other channel “ShayLoss” in regards to weight loss.


The Best Running Inspiration Video


Key Points In The Best Running Inspiration

Make the most out of the present moment

Live For The PresentThe only guaranteed day you have is today. There is no tomorrow or even yesterday, they do not matter as of right now. The choice you make this instant defines who you are.


One step at a time, no matter how small the step

One Step ForwardEven if you’re walking in the wrong path, it’s a whole lot better than stalling and not progressing at all. Success is achieved one step at a time.


Be the person who you want to be

Be YourselfCreate the person you know you are destined to be. To sway away from that path is to deny your existence as a person. Don’t be afraid to feel liberated.


Believe in the outcome, believe in yourself

Positive ThinkingYour attitude towards a specific goal or action will most likely determine the outcome. If you think like a loser, all you will ever get in life is being last place and failing to succeed.


Know the risks and sacrifices needed to attain your goal

Risk For SuccessIf you know your goal, and you know how to get there, the car won’t start by itself. You need to turn on the engine and drive or else nothing is achieved.


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