Alexander Polli Wingsuit Flying Inspiration

Alexander Polli Wingsuit Flying - Inspirational Video

I feel like when you see others living their lives in a fearless manner, it gives you a type of inspiration to live your life the same way. Without any regrets, without any doubts or self-negative talk. Here is an amazing inspiring video of Alexander Poli wingsuit flying. Truly one of the best there is in terms of wing suit and tracksuit flying. If you think you are taking risks in life, wait till you see this guy. The worse that can happen to you might be a loss of time or money. This guy is risking his whole being, his own life.


Alexander Polli Wingsuit Flying: The Reality Of Human Flight


Key Points In Wingsuit Flying

Live for the moment

Live For The MomentAll there is in life is the moment that we have right now as you read this sentence. There is no before, no after but only now. No human can predict the future and that concept alone should be a clear reminder that you should try and avoid stressing too much about the future. Good things happen to good people so always think positively.


Let it all go

Alexander Poli Letting Fears GoRelease your fears, your demons, and most importantly yourself. Sometimes in life it is worth taking that leap of faith and being rewarded greatly at the end. Sure it may not always go your way but let it be a clear reminder that you will lose some before you win some. And after all, if you keep losing you should expect a win very soon.


Know your capabilities

Know Your Capabilities And LimitationsBefore you set out to do anything in life, it is so important that you know what you are capable of currently doing. What are your strengths and weaknesses and how can you best execute a plan to see your goals accomplished? With this knowledge alone, you can best improve upon your weak points and take advantage of your strong ones.


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