7 Quotes By Heraclitus To Inspire A Change In You!

Motivational Quote By Heraclitus

Here are 7 quotes by Heraclitus to inspire a change in you! Heraclitus was a pre-Socratic Greek philosopher who had regarded himself as a self-taught man and a pioneer of wisdom. Although very little was known about his early and lonely life, people had referred to him as “The Obscure” and the “Weeping Philosopher”. He was an advocate of ever-constant change and improvement.


7 Philosopher Quotes By Heraclitus


1 – “Big results require big ambitions.”

  • A man is measured by the size of his dream!



2 – “There is nothing permanent except change.”

  • Nothing lasts forever, not even the person you are now.



3 – “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.”

  • When you see the person you were 1 year ago, you should look to that person embarrassed!



4 – “Good character is not formed in a week or a month. It is created little by little, day by day. Protracted and patient effort is needed to develop good character.”

  • Action is what prescribes change. Form daily routines and build upon that momentum!



5 – “To do the same thing over and over again is not only boredom: it is to be controlled by rather than to control what you do.”

  • You cannot change if all you ever do is the same routines and activities day in and day out.



6 – “Nothing endures but change.”

  • Sooner or later you will have a crisis in your life that will demand yourself of change. Don’t wait idly by for that moment!



7 – “No one that encounters prosperity does not also encounter danger.”

  • Anticipate and prepare for any situation possible, so that when the time comes you will not be overwhelmed by it.


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