5 Reasons Why Angry Birds Is So Successful

Why Angry Birds Is So Successful

If you own  a smartphone, you probably know the famous game ‘Angry Birds’ by Rovio. But do you ever stop to think why Angry Birds is so successful? How did they manage to turn a $0.99 game into a massive billion-dollar company that also does merchandising, media productions, partnerships and more? Well, it was definitely not an easy endeavor nor an overnight success.. If you didn’t know, ‘Angry Birds’ was Rovio’s 52nd game. Before that, they spent 8 years and almost went bankrupt before creating their hit single. Today we uncover the 5 main reasons as to why Angry Birds is so successful.


Why Angry Birds Is So Successful


| Simplicity – Easy to pick up

Simplicity And Easy For BeginnersThe game is simple to pick up and play even for those who’ve never played it before. It does not matter your age or intelligence level because the basic concept of the game is so easy to understand that there isn’t even a need for words to explain directions or objectives. That removes any language barriers that might otherwise cause non-English communicators to hesitate from buying the game.

The simplicity of the game means that no challenge is impossible, and that the game is beatable as long as you put in the time and effort. Simplicity helps you relax and reduce your stress because there is not too much to “think” about when playing the game.


2 | Achievement – Feeling of accomplishment and progression

Feeling Of AchievementYou always know that you are progressing because the levels aren’t too long nor difficult. And with each completion of a level you will know just how well you did. The best part is, for those perfectionists out there you can always achieve a better score than your previous best.

And upon beating the game, there will always be some levels where you had not unlocked the maximum 3 stars. This creates an incentive to go back and play those levels again thereby increasing the replay value of the game. Progression gives you an incentive to keep going and achievement gives you a sense of satisfaction.



| Satisfaction – It is highly addictive

Angry Birds Highly AddictiveThe sound effects, explosions, music, gameplay, and colorful graphics are what make the game so satisfying and enjoyable for anyone. Every green pig you destroy, every stone wall that goes crumbling down, it’s all just so exciting! ‘Angry Birds’ does not do one thing right, it does a whole bunch of things right. It is highly satisfying to know that you’ve just demolished a castle filled with little piggies inside, and you did it all with a single bird.

You are sure to release endorphins when you finally beat that one level that you’ve been stuck on for so long! Satisfaction makes you happy and happiness translates into playing the game more and more.



| Casual – Play for 1 minute or 1 hour

Casual Game SuccessWhether you are playing the game while waiting in line or during your lunch break, it’s really up to you. Although ‘Angry Birds’ was meant primarily for the casual gamer, there are plenty of goals, objectives and personal achievements that hardcore gamers can work to attain.

Casual means that one does not need a huge time commitment before deciding whether or not he or she should turn on the turn and play. The majority of people today cater to casual games which is why ‘Angry Birds’ fits the bill perfectly.



5 | Popularity breeds more popularity

Popular Angry Birds GameWhy is it that when people do anything remotely new or interesting you have a sudden urge to do it as well or at least find out what it is they are doing? It goes back to us humans being curious creatures. We all want to know what we don’t know and figure out what hasn’t been figured out yet.

That is why when Angry Birds first came out, it created a mini-buzz around those who picked it up and played. This of course spread like wildfire, and soon enough, everyone felt like they had to have this $0.99 cent app. The hit single, Gangnam Style from Psy was a clear example of popularity breeding more popularity.


Why Angry Birds is so successful may still be a surprise to some of you but when Rovio saw an opportunity to grow their company, they did not hesitate even for a second. They seized every opportunity they were given and made ‘Angry Birds’ more than just a game. They made it into a globally recognized brand that has revolutionized the physics puzzle genre forever.


“If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you’ll achieve the same results.”
~ Tony Robbins


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