4 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Follow Your Dreams

Quit Your Job And Follow Your Dreams

When was the last time you enjoyed waking up every morning to go to work? Do you often spend your days wondering whether or not you should quit your job and follow your dreams?

Taking the risk to leave a comfortable life for a life that may lead to many failures or success is not an easy choice to make, so always consider your options and your situation before you do anything life changing.

Leaving your job and following your passion may be the single best decision you’ll ever make in your life or it may become the straw that broke the camels back. But we here believe that it’s better to live a life leaving no stone left unturned than to wonder about what could have been. So here it is, the 4 biggest reasons that would encourage you to quit your job and follow your dreams!


Why You Should Quit Your Job And Follow Your Dreams


1| It will set you free and make you a happier person

Living Free Of Regrets

It is pure ecstasy to finally feel free from your own chains of imprisonment. When you let go, all expectations, all worries go out the window. There is no longer a past but only the present and your bright future ahead. We chase after the things we want because in the end it gives us happiness. That is the goal in anything we do, is it not? Pure happiness.



2 | It opens you up to new opportunities & possibilities

New Opportunity

You never know what awaits today, tomorrow, or a week from now when everyday is something new and unique. Free from doing mundane tasks at the office or repeating the same routine day after day, you’ll have the freedom to do whatever comes in mind. You may want to pursue a career in art or start writing your next e-book. But hell, who says you can’t do both? The possibilities are endless.



3 | It allows you to build your future & give you security

Building Your Future

Lately, job security has not been a very big incentive for people looking to join the work force. More and more citizens have had to suffer the loss of their job leaving them with no control over their own future. By starting your own empire and building your own future you can put matters in your own hands. Things will not simply “happen” to you because you’ll now have the power to make things happen.



4 | You will the rest of your life without having regrets

Freedom And No Regrets

One of the most common life regrets of the dying is not pursuing your dreams and goals. We often regret the things that we did not do because in hindsight, we see that there were better options in front of us had we taken them. If you know deep down that ‘this’ is the right choice for you, I see no reason why you should not follow through with it. What’s the worst that can happen when death is the final road in life?




It may be a scary thought to leave comfort for uncertainty but that’s what life is about. It’s about experimenting and venturing out into the unknown. It’s about avoiding to live so cautiously as if you were already dead. It’s about doing what you want and when you want. If you decide to quit your job and follow your dreams, I can only guarantee plethora of surprises at every corner. But I can assure you that.. eventually you will succeed if you push through and see it to the end.


“If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help build theirs.”
~ Tony Gaskins


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