10 Young Rich Entrepreneurs Under 30 (Infographic)

Young Rich Entrepreneurs

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Here are 10 young rich entrepreneurs under 30 who have all succeeded in business and struck gold; some more than others. You and these entrepreneurs are not much different. Simply put, find a good idea and act fast! You never know when someone else has the exact same idea as you and an year later it is booming with success! Since the late 1990s the internet has been steadily growing and will continue to grow in the future. On a side note, e-commerce has been getting very popular in this day and age with the projected revenue market expecting to increase by 52% from 2012 to 2017. Just something you may consider if you plan on starting your own business anytime soon.


10 Biggest Entrepreneurs Under 30

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Young Rich Entrepreneurs Under 30

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- Jeremy Johnson -

Company: 2tor
Age: 28
Year founded: 2008
2011 Revenue: Not disclosed
2012 Projected Revenue: Not disclosed
Employees: 400
Overview: 2tor partners with Georgetown, UNC-Chapel Hill, and USC to offer online degrees that match their on-campus counterparts in graduation and job placement rates.
- 2tor’s 1st program was a master of arts in teaching with USC’s Rossier School of Education
- In one year, the program jumped from 38th to 14th in U.S. News and World Report’s rankings
- USC’s Rossier achieved 100% job placement rate for its first online class


- Daniel Ek -

Company: Spotify
Age: 29
Year founded: 2006
2011 Revenue: $236 million
2012 Projected Revenue: $840 million
Employees: 500 (124 in the U.S.)
Overview: 10 million active users can access 15 million songs on their desktops. The only cost? An occasional advertisement.
- 1.5+ billion songs have been swapped on Facebook
- 1/3 of Sweden, Ek’s home country, has signed up
- Ek has predicted Spotify will rival iTunes in royalty payments within 2 years


- Allison Lami Sawyer -

Company: Rebellion Photonics
Age: 29
Year founded: 2009
2011 Revenue: $637,000
2012 Projected Revenue: $2.5 million
Employees: 8
Overview: High tech futuristic cameras with big interest from the U.S. military and oil companies make this a company to watch.
Sell a fluorescent imaging camera that can “see” chemicals
At 30 frames per second, the camera shoots live video through microscopes
$800,000 contract to put its cameras in Air Force drones
Recently created new camera that can see a gas leak within 15 microseconds


- Ziver Berg -

Company: Zivelo
Age: 29
Year founded: 2008
2011 Revenue: $4 million
2012 Projected Revenue: $9 million
Employees: 20
Overview: The world’s 2nd largest kiosk manufacturer.
- X2 sales every year
- Clients from Mercedes-Benz to the White House
- Looking to expand into a new 100,000 square foot assembly facility


- Steve Espinosa -

Company: AppStack
Age: 24
Year founded: 2011
2011 Revenue: $8,000
2012 Projected Revenue: $4 million
Employees: 45
Overview: In mere minutes, AppStack can set up a mobile web presence that drives nearby customers to your site.
- $80 a month
- $50 in Google advertising
- $30 goes to funding AppStack’s customized dashboard
- Creates the mobile presence for more than 4,000 SMBs
- $1 million in monthly recurring revenue by the end of the year


- Danny Wong and Fan Bi -

Company: Blank Label
Age: 21 and 24
Year founded: 2009
2011 Revenue: $1.1 million runrate at end of 2011
2012 Projected Revenue: $1.5 million
Employees: 8
Overview: A self-funded clothing company that tailors to your dimensions and comfort needs.
- Offers 9 sizing options
- Traditional retailers offer 2 sizing options (neck and arm length)
- +20,000 customers
- 0 outside funding


- Ben Milne -

Company: Dwolla
Age: 29
Year founded: 2008
2011 Revenue: Undisclosed
2012 Projected Revenue: Undisclosed
Employees: 25
Overview: The new cashless payment start-up that allows you to send a payment directly from your checking account through an e-mail, text, social media, or another Dwolla account.
- Transactions under $10 are free; above $10, Dwolla takes 25 cents
- Beginning of 2012:
- $30 to $50 million a month in transactions
- signed up more than 100,000 users


- Desiree Vargas Wrigley -

Company: GiveForward
Age: 30
Year founded: 2008
2011 Revenue: $400,000
2012 Projected Revenue: $1.2 million
Employees: 12
Overview: GiveForward takes out the embarrassment of asking for money in difficult times by allowing individuals to crowdsource funding for medical emergencies.
- Since 2009, GiveForward has helped its users raise $15 million in donations
- GiveForward takes a 7% cut of donations from fundraisers
- Keeps 4.5%
- 2.5% goes to PayPal


- Ray Land -

Company: Fabulous Coach Lines
Age: 25
Year founded: 2004
2011 revenue: $6.6 million
2012 projected revenue: $10 million
Employees: 175
Overview: King of a luxury coach empire.
- Bought his first coach at 17 years old
- 50 vehicles Fleet
- 2,000 passengers rode with Fabulous last year


- Ben Silbermann -

Company: Pinterest
Age: 29
Year founded: 2009
2011 Revenue: Undisclosed
2012 Projected Revenue: Undisclosed
Employees: Approximately 40
Overview: An interactive pin-board website where people can show collections of things they are interested in.
- 3 months after launching, the site had 3,000 registered accounts
- 3rd largest source of referral traffic on the Web
- Valued at $1.5 billion


These young rich entrepreneurs started from nothing and made it into something. That’s what creative minds do. They take their ideas and make money while quite possibly improving the lives of others at the same time.


Infographic Courtesy Of Masters-In-Marketing.Org

“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.”
~ Catherine Cook


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